--Reconditioning the oil on-site does not hinder a machine's production capacity in any way!
--Reconditioning the oil on-site while operating in production mode tends to flush the entire
hydraulic system.
--Reconditioning the oil on-site eliminates the inconvenience, liability, and cost of the old oil's
--Reconditioning the oil on-site proves your company is being environmentally responsible!
--Reconditioning the oil on-site requires system oil samples before and after the reconditioning
For every 50°F oil increases above its normal operating temperature, the usable life of the lubricant will be reduced by one-half.
What is the total combined reservoir capacity (gallons) of hydraulic oil in your plant? How much hydraulic oil does the plant purchase annually? Compare the new numbers to determine if hydraulic leaks are affecting your annual operating costs.
The US Government has required the mandatory use of re-refined petroleum oils in all (approx. 500,000) fleet and US Postal vehicles.

Did you know that...
Just as tires are replaced only when the current tires are worn out, the same should be true with hydraulic oil and filters. Are you getting the maximum 'mileage' from your hydraulic oil? How do you know?
Reconditioning the oil currently in use on-site can reduce the lubricant's purchase cost by one-half, and can double the useable life!

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