Did you know that...
One drop/sec from 1 hydraulic leak adds up to 420 gallons in a 365-day period.
At $8/gallon, the wasted oil alone costs $3,360!
NEVER use a hand or other body-part to stop or detect oil leaking from the plumbing of a hydraulic system. Oil injection injuries can be among the worst of skin puncture wounds and can be lethal. A pinhole size leak
from a 100 PSI line can slice human skin!
The use of tapered pipe threads is the biggest cause of leaks from a hydraulic system - whenever possible
use or switch to o-ring sealed fittings.
Every drop of leaking hydraulic oil (internal or external) is evidence of a loss to the system's operating

Did you know that...
Just as a doctor uses blood samples to assess your health, oil samples are the key to knowing the health of a
hydraulic system.
Oil is compressible! In general, oil is compressed 0.5% per each 1000 PSI (68.9 bar) increase.
Mixing non-identical fluids can cause additional wear and performance problems in the machine and
compatibility issues in the lubricant.
Just because a hydraulic fluid is "still wet 'n slippery" does not mean it is "still suitable & reliable."
The single most neglected and misunderstood item in a hydraulic system is the fluid flowing through the
When hydraulic fluid is maintained 10 times cleaner, hydraulic pump life can be extended by 50 times.
Oklahoma State University
Base stock petroleum oil never goes bad; it can be cleaned and re-refined.


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